Zarek’s First Birthday – The Little Prince Edition

The planning continues…

On my previous post, I talked about some of the meanings behind The Little Prince, motifs, symbols, color schemes and the overall atmosphere I wanted to created. Today, we’ll be discussing the planning around the “cake smash.”

What on Earth is a cake smash?

A cake smash is where a one-year-old gets very messy with a cake and a professional photographer captures the moment.

“Cake Smash: The New Way to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday.” BBC News, BBC, 21 Apr. 2017,

I am so glad the trend of cake smashing became a popular thing while I had my first baby. As an avid home baker that loves making buttercream cakes, my heart and brain explode at the idea of my little baby going berserk on a cake I worked hard on. I think most cooks and bakers would agree that the level of satisfaction they receive after seeing all of those faces enjoying and drooling over their food is unlike no other. But thinking about my baby, who has never tasted cake before, getting to enjoy a good piece of cake makes me incredibly happy.

Brainstorm Time:

Getting into the nitty-gritty:

Previously, I posted images of inspiration of cakes and cupcakes. I would like the cake for his cake smash to be following a similar color scheme, but also being different from everything else. Since my baby will be the one destroying the cake and eating it, it’s important to make sure I don’t use any decorations or sprinkles that are too large to cause choking. The simpler the cake, the better, in my opinion.

My favorite kind of frosting for any cake is Italian Meringue Buttercream. It has just the right amount of sweetness while being absolutely soft and fluffy. My go-to recipe has always been Of Batter and Dough’s Italian Meringue Recipe. Since I want to stick with The Little Prince’s color scheme, vanilla or a light-colored cake would make the best choice. A moist, vanilla cake should make an excellent first introduction in the world of cakes! It’s classical, delicious and maaaaaaybe, if I feel inclined to, I could add some food coloring to create an ombre effect with the batter.

The inspiration:

While browsing Pinterest, I saved a bunch of different links to a variety of cake smashes I fell in love with. Some of them go from very minimalist to BAM! busy and covered in details. I love the idea of having lots of gold detailing with stars, shiny balloons, glitter and gold confetti sprinkles. I think a beautiful gold cake stand or plate would give it a wow! factor under a simpler cake that has a small amount of gold accents.

When in doubt, add more fairy lights.”

Chapman, Rachel. “30 Instagram Captions For Fairy Lights That Are So Merry & Bright.” Elite Daily, Elite Daily, 17 Dec. 2018,

I have already purchased enough fairy lights to light a fairy city, so I love the idea of using some lighting during the photo shoot. I can place some hanging around the edges of the frame, tangled around the cake stand, having Zarek play with them or inside of balloons.

But, what will he wear?

I’ve thought a lot about what he should wear for the cake smash and his party. Honestly, if I had more time, I would have love to pull out my rarely used sewing machine and created an outfit from scratch to recreate a closer adaption to what the Little Prince actually wears. But, I’m barely scraping by just setting up and planning the party, so I’ll have to find pieces that’ll work. Finding a green long sleeve shirt and pant that are of the same color is basically impossible… UNTIL, I found Primary.

Primary is an online clothing retailer that sells basic baby and children’s clothing without and logos or patterns (other than stripes). When you get to their website, you’re able to browse through whatever color you’re looking for so it made it super easy to find exactly what I’m looking for. I ended up ordering the green leggings and green cozy sweatshirt.

Finding a scarf for babies was practically impossible (probably because of a choking hazard) so I had to start knitting on as soon as possible. I honestly can’t handle how adorable this baby looks with his tiny scarf! As an added bonus, I knitted up a quick little crown to wear for the cake smash and party. I had originally planned on purchasing an aviator hat to tie in the theme of flying and the red airplane, but knitting up a crown with my leftover yarn was the cheapest, and probably, the cutest option.

We should be receiving our Primary package tomorrow, so I’ll be ready to set up an appointment for our long awaited cake smash. I hope it all turns out well, he enjoys smashing and destroying that cake.

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